Winner of the 2009 Will Rogers Medallion Award

Unbridled Cowboy

Gripping—I couldn't put it down.... A remarkably complete story about growing up in Texas

Unbridled Cowboy

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ISBN: 9781931112772
304 pp.



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Unbridled Cowboy
is filled cover to cover with riveting true
tales of undercover work as a Texas Ranger, life on the railroads, and rough justice. A captivating true life narrative of the wild west.

  —Wisconsin Bookwatch


My Great Life
is a story about a family in crisis over lifestyles. The father makes his fortune mass media advertising in Los Angeles, and the daughter makes hers as a banker in Atlanta. The mother teaches high school in South Central Los Angeles and the son, turning his back on his family and the American Dream, moves into the Amazon jungle. The son tries to convince his mother that her husband and daughter, and millions like them, are leading the world to environmental and cultural chaos by pursuing the growth, progress myths. This powerful story, has been called the Uncle Tom's Cabin of our time.

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