Unbridled Cowboy

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Unbridled Cowboy
Joseph B. Fussell
Edited by E. R. Fussell
$19.95 pb ● ISBN: 9781931112772 ●
304 pp.

Unbridled Cowboy is a riveting firsthand account of a defiant hell-raiser in the wild and tumultuous American Southwest in the late 1800s. At the age of fourteen, Joe Fussell hopped trains to escape from school and the authority he scorned. In a time and place with no law, the young cowboy took it upon himself to exact revenge on those who trespassed him or those who abused authority. Joe recounts tales of cowboy adventures, narrow escapes, undercover work as a Texas Ranger, and life on the railroads.
            Joe’s unadorned prose is as exposed and simple as the wide, open Texas plains, and he presents an unpretentious, unique voice that embodies the spirit of the old West.


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